Ms. New York

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Giving Back

Since a very young age, I have been involved in all types of community service. All I knew then, was that entertaining Seniors with my seasonal dance performances was cool because they were my most appreciative audience! What I came to learn as time went on, was that giving back to my community was an integral part of being a community member. Today, what community service means to me is that I am making positive contributions to my generation and to the generations before and after me for a better life, however small my service may be.

As Ms. New York US, Healthy Habits for Life & I aM for Women: Inspiration & Motivation to Empower Women, are the two issues that I have chosen to promote during my year of reign. However, I have supported and continue to support many other issues that benefit our communities at large.

This weekend, I was honored to be a guest at the Women's Health & Awareness Day by The Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network (Q-Scan). I received a warm welcome from Q-Scan CEO Gloria Rochester when I arrived, who had a table set up for me to give out my Healthy Habits Handout, and sign some autograph cards. (Click the link above so you can have one too

This event was a perfect way to encompass both my platforms, which deal with a healthy lifestyle and empowering women...I was very excited to participate and share my information with the New York community! I met many inspiring, amazing people in the Queens Community such as Juliet of Mary Immaculate Hospital (who shared a table with me), and Dr. Josiane Kamler who work alongside Q-Scan.

Ms. Rochester had especially inspired me with the story of how she started Q-Scan over 20 years ago for those who suffer from Sickle Cell Anemia like her daughter has. Gloria has done an amazing job for her community, and I hope that others will be inspired by her work as I was to contribute to their communities.

Giving back does not mean you have to start an organization or march down to your city hall in protest, but it can... Giving back means doing your part, however big or small, to positively affect society. It can be as small as volunteering at a soup kitchen once a year, making a donation, or as big as starting a national organization for an issue that is dear to your heart. All it takes is a little effort, and a big heart. And this my friends, is how changing the world starts- one person, one action at a time.